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Laurie Williams

Laurie Williams is the founder of and a clinical psychologist with thirty years of experience in helping people to live with integrity, purpose, and joy. A leading proponent of the importance of raising children to have a sense of personal integrity, Laurie is is an expert at translating scientific research on human development into practical wisdom and tools for parenting. She is known for her “How to Say It” phrases that teach adults to set firm limits while communicating love and respect.

She has written on subjects ranging from the pitfalls of praising your child, building resilience in your kids, how to help your child have a conscience, and why it’s so important to teach your child to do hard things.  Her website specifically focuses on the importance of raising girls to have a stable sense of identity and strength to counteract the prevailing influence in today’s media on superficiality, materialism, and quick gratification.   

Her website, is the first in depth parenting website to reference the scientific research and clinical data which informs parenting suggestions and advice.


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