Laurie Williams, Ph.D.

Laurie Williams

Laurie Williams is a clinical psychologist and educator with over 30 years of experience in private practice and consultation. She obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology from The University of Tennessee and served a clinical internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health’s St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C.

In her clinical practice, Laurie has helped hundreds of adults, adolescents and children to not only address problem areas, but also to build a more meaningful, rewarding life that is reflective of a cohesive sense of personal identityand integrity.

Laurie has served on the faculty of the PhD Program in Clinical Psychology and the Doctoral Program of Social Work Practice at the University of Tennessee, teaching advanced classes in psychotherapy and providing clinical supervision.

Laurie is a frequent keynote and motivational speaker in university, school, business, hospital and church settings.  For the past two decades, she’s conducted workshops for adolescents and their parents on sexuality and integrity.  Laurie has been an advisor to companies seeking to build a consistent corporate identity that is reflective of their mission and values and served as a consultant to business professionals wishing to maximize their personal, creative and intellectual potentials.

Laurie was the founder and designer of a women's accessory company that was introduced to national markets in 1998. She received national media attention for her success in devising marketing strategy, brand identity and product development that resulted in sales of almost one million dollars the first year. Laurie served as its designer and managing director until the sale of the company in 2002.

Laurie has been married to clinical psychologist Joshua Williams, Ph.D. for over three decades. Together, they have (usually) adored the process of parenting their 3 children, who are now adults.

Always energetic in her attempt to be a “good enough” parent, Laurie is fascinated by the ways in which adults can guide and inspire young people to reach their full potential.